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Learn to recognise when you are in a dream, and make it your own open-world playground


What is Lucid Dreaming

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Lucid dreaming is a new way to learn about yourself

You can explore your subconscious mind - even talk to it in the form of dream characters. These experiences can help you learn more about yourself, overcome difficulties and improve happiness.

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Improve dream recall and dream vividness

Improve your dream recall - remember much more details about your dream. This also goes hand in hand with dream vividness - meaning you will have much stronger sensations and expiriances in the dream.

Best features of Lucid app

All-in-one package to learn lucid dreaming

Dream journal

Write down your dreams, select sleep quality, dream clarity, mood and more

Detailed Statistics

Compare how your dream clarity, sleep quality and other variables change over time and what might impact them

Reality Check

Set reality check reminders throughout the day

Voice Memo

Don't feel like typing your dream? Use the Voice Memo feature and speak out your dreams.

Passcode Lock

Coming soon - Passcode Lock feature so your dreams can remain private

Cloud Sync

Coming soon - Encrypt and backup your dreams on the cloud! Access them from multiple devices with your login

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